HyperJuice Battery Pack

HyperJuice Battery Pack Is Almost The Device For iPhone 12

MagSafe is yet to release an official Apple battery backpack. Meanwhile, the Magnetic Wireless HyperJuice Battery Pack from Hyper is the latest attempt to answer the demand.

The HyperJuice Battery Pack is identical to the others of its kind. However, it has a slightly more ergonomic design than its rivals.

Specifications Of The HyperJuice Battery Pack

The peripheral is a simple battery with a capacity of 5000 mAh. It is covered by a plastic shell and comes with the Qi coil for charging. The Qi coil can connect to all iPhone 12 models magnetically.

However, this is not an actual MagSafe pack. It is actually just another Qi charger but it has magnets. As such, it does not have the 15W speed that real MagSafe chargers have. However, the official version is yet to be announced.

The outside is black plastic with a semi-gloss finish. The feel is typical of the material and does not feel soft to the touch. A Hyper logo colored light grey is printed on the HyperJuice Battery Pack’s back. However, its design includes slight curls in the sides which makes it a bit more comfortable while holding it in a palm.

The HyperJuice Battery Pack comes with only one USB-C port. It can charge at a maximum speed of 12W. It can also charge wirelessly. The capacity might be low but the convenience of charging more than one device at the same time is a positive.

The LEDs on the device can be easily seen. Moreover, there is a pass-through feature for charging. This means that regardless of whether the device has a full charge, any connected device will be charged first with 7.5W.

However, the device has a weak magnet for alignment than the official Apple version. The plastic finish also makes it difficult to hold onto. Furthermore, with the official version from Apple coming, it might be better to wait for the proper one before going for the HyperJuice Battery Pack.