Ingenuity Helicopter Finds Ancient River Delta On Its 31st Mar Mission

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    With its 31st flight on Mars, innovation succeeds once more! This time, NASA’s Ingenuity Helicopter risks exploring some ancient Martian terrain.

    For the previous four to five months, the Perseverance rover, the small helicopter’s partner, has been exploring the ruins of a long-dry river delta. Thus, the goal of Ingenuity is crucial. Perseverance, a NASA spacecraft, is collecting rock samples for eventual return to Earth while searching for signs of early Martian life. The Perseverance team uses Ingenuity as a small aid to find the best driving routes and locate scientifically viable rock targets.

    Ingenuity Helicopter Explores Ancient River Delta 

    Ingenuity Helicopter was promptly offered an extension to do further, more accurate missions after completing its initial job.

    After a 33-second leap on August 20 that only covered 2 meters (6.5 feet) of Martian surface, Ingenuity’s most recent flight on September 6 was its first since that time. The main objectives of the August trip were to clean Ingenuity’s solar panels and make sure they were still in good condition after two months of almost no use.

    On September 6, the Ingenuity Helicopter took to the air and flew across 97 meters (or 318 feet) of Martian land. The Perseverance rover has been studying the ruins of a long-dry river delta for the past five months. In February 2021, Perseverance and Ingenuity set out on their journey. The rover and its partner touched down inside the Jezero Crater, which is 45 kilometers (28 miles) in width. There may have been a big lake and a river delta here in the past.

    Ingenuity Helicopter had been taking a break since June 11 and had been spending the freezing, dusty winter on Jezero’s floor. Therefore, the most recent missions were incredibly fun!

    NASA’s ambitions for Mars are fairly ambitious given that researchers want to gather crucial information regarding the planet’s past as a body of water.

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