Instagram Pushes For Higher Daily Time Limit: 30 Minutes Option Minimum As App Nudges For 3 Hours

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    Even as Mark Zuckerberg reports a lower rate of growth for Instagram’s parent company, Meta, a photo-sharing app, Instagram has increased the time one spends with the app, the daily time limit option was introduced in 2018 on the Insta app, sending out a reminder when the limit was up.

    The original minimum time limit was 5 minutes. But it isn’t an option to select such low timings. The photo-sharing app has set 30 minutes as the minimum time. And the pre-selection is at 3 hours, indicating a subtle nudge towards that large time.

    Latest Reminder To Close Instagram Starts At 30 Minutes Instead Of 5

    The latest popup on Insta does not say if users can retain the lower time options. But another option on the apps activity page says that the lower time-limit option was no longer valid.

    After the upgrade, Instagram users discovered that the fresh time limits start at 30 minutes, followed by 45 minutes, 1 hour, 2 hours, and 3 hours.

    Insta has been quiet over the change, and parent company Facebook (now Meta) has been quiet about the development. The move runs against the claims made by Instagram that it wasn’t to empower the app users to have a varied option on the time they get to spend.

    This change comes within months after the ‘Take a Break,’ feature introduced by Insta. This option allows users the option of receiving regular reminders if they have been too long on Instagram.

    The changes come on the heel of disappointing earnings this quarter by Insta’s parent company. It slashed forecasts for the 1st quarter by $30B.

    Meta laid part of the blame on the move by Apple that has strengthened users’ privacy. It is now tougher for apps like Facebook and Instagram to track Apple users for sending ads. Meta has said that this move alone cost the company $10B in revenues. 

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