OtterSpot Faces Battery Swelling Issue: OtterBox Goes For A Voluntary Replacement Program For Its Defective Wireless Charging Range

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    Several units of OtterSpot, the Qi-Wireless certified, portable fast charger by OtterBox is under a replacement program to rectify battery swelling issues. The stackable charges were launched in 2019 and are the latest advancement in the wireless mode of charging after Apple withdrew AirPower.

    The OtterBox charger has several innovative features such as an anti-slip surface that prevents the charging battery from slipping. You can charge a maximum of 3 OtterSpots at a time. This option is what gives the product its distinct advantage.

    Julie Campagnoli, the spokesperson for OtterBox said that the earlier units of OtterSpot have been found to swell under higher temperatures and multi-stack options. The affected OtterBox products were the ones produced between July 2019 and August 2019.

    The products are sold by Apple stores, but these earlier lots were not sold through the Apple stores as they were not a part of their sales catalog then.

    Replacing The OtterBox Wireless Charger

    The customer support department of OtterBox has recommended that customers discontinue the use of the OtterSpot batteries having a serial number that starts with 229, 250, and 259. So check your battery’s serial number before you use them any further and immediately discontinue if they fall in the defective range of products.

    It has advised customers to stop using the product indicated as it has been detected that the OtterSpot battery pack has been found to swell under high temperature and multi-stack conditions. The company has referred to the issue as a component flaw.

    The customer service department will guide you through the details. Customers who have an OtterSpot will receive a message from the company. The company will replace the battery at no extra cost.

    OtterBox has also stated that no injuries were reported when using the defective product. The company has also mailed customers who purchased the OtterSpot manufactured during the applicable period.

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