Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories Extended To Last 60 Seconds

Instagram stories will now last for 60 seconds constantly until the user breaks it up. On the other hand, earlier, Instagram stories were only 15 seconds in length. The company tried the change last year through a few users and finally decided on rolling out the extension all over the world. 

A spokesperson of Meta shared that they are constantly trying to improve their apps and extending their Instagram stories to last 60 seconds instead of 15 is a creative strategy. In addition, Instagram is also increasing its video time limits. 

Creative Changes In Instagram Stories 

During the month of June, Instagram extended the time of the video to 90 from 60 seconds. Video Instagram posts that are under 15 minutes are now going to be shared in the form of reels automatically. These creative changes are being made by Instagram in order to give tough competition to TikTok. 

Instagram also withdrew a few of its product tests during July including full-screen videos and photos since they were met with criticisms from celebrities and netizens. Adam Mosseri, Instagram chief, earlier stated that Instagram will shift more towards video due to the user preference for video posts. 

Instagram vs TikTok 

It is found by Emplifi that Instagram has 68% of posts from the Asia Pacific while TikTok has 32%. Additionally, Instagram interactions and reach are much higher and it is more popular. 

Instagram is clearly pivoting towards a video-based platform by making Instagram stories longer and dropping IGTV. These strategies might put up a fight against TikTok and YouTube which are video-native platforms. 

This recent change in Instagram stories being 60 seconds long has divided the internet. While a few welcomed this change, many others considered the time limit way too long for a story. This larger time limit for stories might pose a problem for users posting bite-sized content.