Instagram No Longer A Photo-Sharing App

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    Instagram has introduced seven new features aimed at making it easier for users to “talk, share, and answer.” “with more choices, Three of the seven additions are mostly aimed at enhancing direct conversations, while the other two make group chats more enjoyable. Some of these features are only available in a few countries, but others are already available. To make use of the latest features, users must keep their iOS and Android apps up to date. 

    Instagram Introduces 7 Updates

    Meanwhile, Instagram users may look forward to the following seven features:

    Reply while you’re browsing: Users will be able to react to a message while exploring the app’s content. “This new feature makes it that much easier and more comfortable to talk while on the app,” explains Instagram parent Meta.

    Send videos to friends quickly: Instagram is adding a shortcut to make it easier for users to share content with specific people. Users may now reshare posts to their closest friends by touching and holding the share button.

    Check out who’s online: Users can see who is available to speak with right now at the top of their inbox. However, it’s unclear how the functionality works or whether Instagram users would need to maintain their ‘active status’ (the green indication) turned on.

    Play, pause, and re-play videos: Instagram now allows users to share a 30-second teaser of music that they can play, stop, and re-play. It looks that users will be able to share snippets from Apple Music, Amazon Music, and Spotify on the platform. Members of the group can, for example, listen to the clip immediately from the chat window.

    Send messages quietly: Users can send messages late at night or when they’re at work without alerting their pals. Simply include the phrase ‘@silent’ in your message. Members of the group, on the other hand, will be able to see the prompt.

    Maintain a low-fi vibe: Members of the group can experiment with various lo-fi chat themes to make the interactions in the area feel more personal.

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