SpaceX Introduces Added Satellite 52 Starlink; Drops Rocket In Sea

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    A rocket named Falcon 9 had a spacecraft of 52 Starlink during the time of being launched from Cape Canaveral in the state of Florida. It was launched at around 7:30 PM on 24th September, Saturday. 

    Within 9 minutes of the launch. Falcon 9 hit their initial stage back to the surface of the Earth. It made a pinpoint touchdown right above the drone ship named A Shortfall of Gravitas of SpaceX. This drone ship was positioned in the Atlantic Ocean. Only after the 4th liftoff as well as the landing of this specific booster all worked, as reported by SpaceX. 

    New Satellite By SpaceX

    The upper stage of Falcon 9 sent out 52 Starlink almost 15 minutes after its liftoff that was the original intention, confirmed by SpaceX. The launch of Saturday kept the buildout of the Starlink mega-constellation. This will give internet service to millions of people all over the planet. They increased satellite count to almost 3,400 Starlink and intends on more. 

    They will also introduce Starlink satellites of Version 2 that will be stronger and much more advanced. It should come out with a much more adept research system.

    New And Stronger Satellites 

    SpaceX has also come up with the idea of Starlink V2 which is a huge and next-gen vehicle of Starship. The prospect comes as great excitement for the entire team. They might also carry cargo along with people to Mars and the moon. The initial test run might happen in November. 

    This Saturday launch was the 43rd mission of orbit in 2022 that created a liftoff record in a year by any company. SpaceX also held the previous record of 31 launches in a single year in 2021.

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