Jeff Bezos Resigns As CEO From Amazon

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    Jeff Bezos, founder, and the Chief Executive Officer, is about to step down later in 2021. He will still remain as the Chairman of the largest global e-commerce firm in the world. He will be handing over the duties to a lieutenant who has been working in the Amazon Web Services for a long time now. The fourth and final quarter announcement of the firm’s earnings announced this news. The earnings were beyond the expectations of several researchers’ expectations. 

    The replacement of Jeff Bezos will be Andy Jassy, who has been working with the firm since 1997. The news follows widespread scrutiny ever since the pandemic has struck. Ever since the lockdown essentials were announced, several people have been depending on the e-commerce firm and several others who have been gaining widely. Lawmakers have expressed their concerns about how online business services like Amazon have power over such economic crisis periods, especially over the retailers. 

    Jeff Bezos’s Successor Jeff Jassy

    Jeff Bezos’s popularity does outdo that of Jassy’s. However, the latter has spoken on several controversial subjects before. Two years ago, Jassy widely criticized then President Trump for mingling politics with bidding processes of the Defense Department’s major contract. That contract finally went to another tech-giant, Microsoft. He has also popularly defended the facial recognition tech of Amazon. He backed that the government should take the support of such technologies that are advanced in order to keep citizens of the country as safe as possible.

    Jeff Bezos’s successor also said that he knew of the abuse of AWS Technology. The firm also followed on that and eventually fired its hosting services to the social media application, Parler. The app is popularly known among rightists. It was fired on the grounds of advocating violence, following its use after the Capitol riots.

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