SpaceX S9 Starship Prototype Explodes While Landing

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    SpaceX’s rocket prototype for Mars ran a fantastic course on a test flight until it exploded while landing. The next-generation rocket starship from Elon Musk’s firm had a second flight test with the prototype and was meant for an eventual trip for the massive red planet that neighbors ours. Everything seemed picture-perfect. But like one of its other previous prototypes, it failed in landing well, ending up in an explosion yesterday on Tuesday. 

    At about half-past 12 in the noon, the vehicle was tested after several delays. It was launched from a facility in Texas called Boca Chica. The Federal Aviation Administration had a few dust-ups with SpaceX in regards to the launch license also led to the delay of the flight. The rocket with three engines took a hike of about 10 kilometers (6.2 miles altitude). The engines were shut down as it kept climbing. But it eventually started its long strike back to the earth. The same things had happened with its predecessor, S8.

    SpaceX and FAA’s Reaction

    On its course to land, the SpaceX rocket (S9) did a landing burn in order to orient the vehicle vertically. While touchdown, it landed pretty hard on the ground and not as vertical as it was supposed to. On impact with the ground, it then burst into flames as the previous craft did. The Federal Aviation Administration then gave a statement about the test, along with the firm. 

    The FAA said that they will now open an “investigation” and oversee the “landing mishap” of S9. They further stated that although this flight had no crew, They will try to get to the roots of the cause and work and look into possible opportunities for enhancing the safety further. 

    SpaceX said that the test was considered a success. They stated that they only have to now work on their landing process.

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