The Latest Version Of WhatsApp May Make It Easier To Plan

Plans, recipes, and other lists may be shared more easily with WhatsApp thanks to new capabilities the app is releasing on Wednesday. Block quotes for emphasizing important content and support for numbered and bulleted lists are being added to the Meta-owned chat app. Along with those characteristics, an inline code format is supported to aid in the separation of commands inside stages.

These functionalities can be accessed in a manner akin to those of word editing software such as Google Docs. For example, a hyphen followed by a space may be used to establish a list with bullets, and a digit followed by a space can be used to begin a list with numbers.  Using the rightward arrow (>) sign and pressing space will produce block quotes. Use the accent (~) sign before and after the chosen text to generate inline code.


WhatsApp Allows To Manage Two Accounts On A Single Phone

The new features coincide with WhatsApp’s ongoing preparations to provide third-party chat app integration, which is necessary in order to comply with the EU’s Digital Markets Act. This classification also holds true for Meta’s Messenger app; the DMA bases this on the scale and revenue potential of messaging services. They also occurred one day after the Signal chat software revealed that usernames would be supported, obviating the requirement to provide a phone number in order to initiate discussions.

The new WhatsApp update allowing to have two accounts on WhatsApp Meta offers a solution that enables WhatsApp users to effortlessly manage two accounts on a single phone, aiming to solve the long-standing problem encountered by consumers. Many people in India are relieved by this upgrade, which was released last year. While owning two SIM phones is typical, utilizing two accounts at the same time has proven difficult. In conclusion, these upgrades meet the changing demands of the modern digital lifestyle by providing users with more freedom and simplicity while managing their accounts across devices.