League Of Legends Wild Rift Brings The Popular MOBA To Mobile Screens

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    Riot’s League Of Legends is among the most popular of games in the past decade. League Of Legends Wild Rift is Riot’s attempt to break the boundary of home desktops and brings the game to pocket screens.

    The game is of the MOBA genre. 10 players compete in two teams of 5 on a set map with individual champions. However, the gameplay is intricate and has a steep learning curve with map intricacies, rules, and other character specialties.

    League Of Legends Wild Rift Gives A Place To Start

    The mobile spinoff is loyal to the core of the original. However, the presentation is much more compact and oriented for first-time players. Reviews have been mostly positive over the welcoming nature of League Of Legends Wild Rift.

    The mobile version is not the exact same as the original, however. There are small differences here and there that makes it suitable for playing on phones, such as shorter matches and a smaller map.

    Furthermore, League of Legends Wild Rift swaps out the keyboard and mouse controls for touchscreen ones. Given the various action keys that a normal PC match involves, the phone version can give an appearance of a cluttered screen for some users. However, reviews have been positive on the efficiency of the controls.

    The hero pool has also been significantly reduced to about 60 compared to the original 100+. Essentially, Wild Rift is Riot’s lightweight interpretation of the League. Apart from the technical details, the tutorial system has been reviewed as excellent and sets a new player up quite nicely. The complexity of course remains but the basics are there.

    As such, the mobile release has been a delayed success on the part of Riot, especially when so many other big titles went the same way. For example, PUBG. League Of Legends Wild Rift is all set to continue and build on the popularity of the original.

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