Meta Quest 3 Promises A New Game With Its Mixed Reality

Mixed Reality (aka MR) has long been expected to bridge the isolating experience of Virtual Reality (aka VR). As such, the Quest 3 from Meta, claimed to be the first VR device that is mainstream and that has MR functionality is expected to be groundbreaking. So far, the reviews have been greatly positive.

The Comfort Of Quest 3

When it comes to comfort, the Quest 3 delivers quite well. It is perhaps the best in the sector amongst premium headsets. The Quest 2 is thinner than the Quest 2 by about 40% and the difference in weight is very noticeable. Furthermore, the soft strap fitting system of Quest makes a return. It offers a smooth method of adjusting placement and tightness compared to the VR2’s (by PS) hard shell. Furthermore, customers can pay a bit more to get a plastic ‘Elite’ wrap that has a dial.

Moving on from the fitting, the second feature that is noticeable is the fresh passthrough in full color. This feature means you can see through the headset even if it is on your face. The VR2 was one of the first to implement it, however, it was in grayscale. The Quest 3 offers the scene in complete color, albeit it is not high definition by any means. Nevertheless, it is more than enough to make out the screen of your phone.

The controllers, called Touch Plus, however, offer slight improvements over the Quest 2’s controllers. The layout of the button remains the same, although, the rings that surrounded the earlier version are no longer present. According to Meta, the new Quest 3 controllers feature better form factor when it comes to ergonomics. However, it feels like Meta went with the idea of not fixing what’s not broken, so the reviews remain positive.