Microsoft Edge Now Is Introducing A Request For Adaptive Notification

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    Microsoft Edge has now tested their new request for adaptive notifications. The latest version of their edge is called Edge 88. It is about to be rolled out since it has received widely positive reactions from its testers. The new solution has to do with the annoying pop question that one sees all over the internet when opening new websites. The question asks the visitors whether we will “allow” notifications from the website or “block” them. Most of us have managed to block them all these years. 

    In a blog today, Microsoft introduced the feature and its name. The same problem or “question” was previously put on “quiet” when defaulted by the application. This meant that these would be blocked automatically and show an icon of a bell, which would indicate the users about notifications. But there still were problems with that version. People altogether stopped using the notifications button— even to the websites they wanted notifications from. Microsoft said that the new Microsoft Edge has helped eradicate that problem as well. 

    Microsoft Edge’s Adaptive Notification Request 

    Microsoft Edge’s newest version of the app has a solution to all of its user’s complaints. This is how it works: if there is a website that no one wants to see the notifications off and it keeps asking, one will simply either ignore or block the request for notifications. Well, here, Microsoft will collect that data and won’t ask that question to other users based on the majority of actions. In other words, newer users of the website in the future will be saved from the notification ruckus. 

    If one is not about to use Microsoft Edge, then it may be an edgy thing. But wouldn’t it be better if Chrome or even other browsers adopt such features as Microsoft Edge?

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