Microsoft Teams Now Works Faster On Windows 11

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    Microsoft began actively working on a new and “built from scratch” rendition of Microsoft Teams for next-generation devices after the introduction of Windows11 in 2021.

    The new Teams interface is dubbed “Microsoft Teams 2.0,” and it is accessible on Windows 11 devices for customers with a personal account.

    The most significant change between the previous Teams client and the new Teams is that Teams 2.0 does not use Electron and instead relies on embedded web technologies like CSS, HTML, and JavaScript to run on top of the Chromium engine. Microsoft also announced substantial upgrades to the Teams business/desktop app at the same time.

    Microsoft Teams Has Improved Performance On Windows 11

    Microsoft just announced that its Teams video conferencing program has been improved and is now substantially quicker for Windows 11. This upgrade took place when the code was improved.

    According to the firm, there was previously a delay when users scrolled through the chat index, which has since reduced by nearly 11 percent, and scrolling through the channel index has improved by 12 percent.

    “Over the last year, we have introduced updates to Teams that increase its overall interaction reaction time and offer a more seamless experience for the customer,” Microsoft wrote in a blog post.

    When a user switches into a chat or channel, the compose text box loads about 63 percent faster, allowing them to write a message right away. Page load times are also substantially faster, according to the business. According to the firm, the time it takes to change a channel and to launch a chat window has decreased by 25%.

    Microsoft Teams’ activity feed’s thread switching has been enhanced by 17 percent. The time it takes to switch between chat channels has been reduced by 3 percent.

    The time it takes to mute/unmute audio during a call has improved by almost 16 percent, and getting to the Pre-meeting join screen has improved by 9 percent.

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