Neuralink Left In The Dust By Competitor

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    This is the first time a brain-computer interface (BCI) has ever been used in clinical trials on human patients in the country. One may anticipate that Neuralink, the subject of so much discussion, would be the source of this innovation. The award, however, goes to Synchron, a less well-known leader in brain interface technology, and its Stentrode product. The American implantable brain manufacturer Synchron also seeks to develop technologies that will enable people to deal with all types of brain disorders while producing a product that will not have any negative effects on the rest of the body.

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    Flashy assertions that Neuralinks would enable VR gaming without a headset and will enhance human intelligence may garner media attention, but such are far-off possibilities. Meanwhile, Synchron and other Neuralink pioneers are tackling real-world solutions to medical issues that people are currently facing. An electrode mesh array called the Stentrode is implanted via the jugular vein using well-proven neuro-interventional methods.

    The operation can already be carried out by tens of thousands of doctors and clinics around the world because it does not require open brain surgery or drilling into the skull. This suggests that if testing demonstrates that it is safe enough for continuous usage, a significant number of patients may benefit from this advancement.

    The Stentrode’s impulses are wirelessly transferred to a computer interface and combined with Synchron’s neuroprosthesis to enable control of a smartphone, tablet, or computer. This device has the potential to significantly improve the quality of life for those with severe paralysis by facilitating better communication.

    Prior testing with four patients in Australia has gone well, and after 12 months of treatment, there have been no negative effects. The patients can, for instance, exchange Whatsapp messages and make online purchases after implantation and training.

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