XREAL (formerly Nreal) Air AR Glasses Are Amazing, But They Require A Lot of Work

I cherished the Virtual Boy that Nintendo gave me as a child; it was their very ’90s equivalent of the VR headgear we use today. I’ve been intrigued ever since with incorporating new technology into my gameplay, whether it is a 3D projector for games and movies, putting money up for my first HTC Vive headset, or even cautiously exploring the Metaverse. 

I knew I had to see the XREAL Air (previously Nreal Air) glasses in action when I started seeing footage of them on YouTube. They were advertised as a fashionable and lightweight alternative to augmented reality glasses. Thankfully, the technology appears to have just as much promise as anticipated.

What Are The Glasses Called XREAL Air?

Touted as “ultramodern AR glasses with an edge,” the XREAL Air are augmented reality sunglasses that claim to let you stream, watch movies, work, and play games anywhere you go without requiring a cumbersome gaming PC or headset. Each lens of the XREAL Air glasses has a separate 1920 x 1080 display, and they weigh only a little bit more than regular sunglasses. 

Organizing The XREAL Air Eyewear

Thankfully, the XREAL Air glasses are rather simple to assemble physically. Using the included USB-C connector, you just need to plug the glasses into your computer or phone (users of iPhones and Nintendo Switches will want a separate adaptor).

As A 3D Augmented Reality Gadget

I will be direct in this instance. The AR options available for the same are poor and unclear. The Nebula “AR Space” app launcher isn’t even accessible to iPhone users, and it feels more like a glitchy tech demo than a useful piece of software. (XREAL’s website contains a list of supported devices.)