Tales Of Symphonia

Tales of Symphonia Anime Will Be Available On Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch

In an unexpected decision, Bandai Namco has chosen to publish Tales of Symphonia: The Animation on YouTube to help promote the impending Tales of Symphonia Remastered release next month.

The Tales of Symphonia plot is retold in three distinct OVA series that make up the animation. The Sylvarant Arc, Tethe’alla Arc, and United World Arc are the 3 arcs. The first episode of the Sylvarant Arc, which had its Japanese premiere in 2007, has been uploaded and is available on the European channel with subtitles in English, French, Spanish, or Italian.

Tales Of Symphonia And Tales Of The Abyss Available On Youtube

Many storyline lines are dropped and crammed into a total of 11 episodes, each lasting between 30 and 50 minutes, while many other themes and characters get a little more screen time. It’s a completely different way to experience the game’s story, but if you haven’t played it yet, avoid doing so at all costs because you’ll be spoiled for everything!

If you haven’t already watched the anime, this is one for Tales of series lovers. The animation style is gorgeous, and it’s nice to catch up with Kratos, Lloyd, Colette, Genis, Raine, and other familiar faces before the remaster debuts on February 17. Even if you’ve already seen it, you still get to relive the experience. It appears like we’ll be receiving at least the whole Sylvarant Arc before Tales of Symphonia Remastered is released because the official Tales of YouTube Channel has set a broadcast date for episode two for January 25. On the channel, you can now watch the whole Tales of the Abyss anime with English subtitles!