NYC Has Banned TikTok From City-Owned Devices

New York City has joined a bunch of other states and federal governments in banning the social media platform TikTok from multiple city-owned devices, as reported by various media houses. The government agencies will be steadily removing the app over the next 30 days, but the ban has already gone into effect.

A spokesperson for the New York City Hall recently mentioned that although social media was a great help in connecting the people in the city with one another, the officials would have to ensure that they were using the platform in a safe and secure manner. The NYC Cyber Command division regularly explores and also furthers proactive measures that would keep the data of New Yorkers safe. 

TikTok Has Been Banned On Federal Government Devices

In one of the NYC Cyber Command reviews seen by various media houses, a city official discovered that TikTok did turn out to be quite a security threat to the technical networks of the city. As a response, the Command has gone on to ban city employees from using or downloading the app on multiple city-owned devices.

The Command also did not immediately respond to a request for more information. This does come at the same time as TikTok faces multiple limits and bans in the US, as well as on a global scale. The app has already been banned on most of the federal government devices, and several universities have already banned the social media site on institutional wifi and devices. 

This wave of bans came after it was discovered that the parent company of TikTik, ByteDance, did participate in some unsettling high-tech surveillance of journalists all over the world. For those wondering, this is also a response to the ability of the social media company to share data with the government in China.