Pixel Watch Shows Photo Face & Wear OS Google Home At Play Store

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    Everybody is already aware of the fact of what the watch face of Google Photos looks like since it was already displayed for the wider market only the previous month. In addition, Pixel Watch has now come up with amazing features with the help of the listings on the Play Store. This has shown that Pixel Watch will offer Personal Safety as well as Google Home to its users. 

    New Features Of Pixel Watch 

    The surprising fact that Google is already prepared one of their watch faces for the usage of the watch is wonderful. However, this has been easier owing to the reason that watch faces already enjoy wide popularity among friends and family. 

    Two probable configurations that will be displayed as date and day along with the time in a circular form will be named “Photos”. This information has been shared by a Twitter user named Mishaal Rahman. This feature sounds very similar to the lock screen of Android 12. Additionally, Pixel Watch might also add an automatic cycle across their set period as well as image changes. 

    Surprises & Details 

    On the other hand, Pixel Watch revealed “Pilot” which is a homage to their mechanical watches that includes a larger 6/9/12. This feature will also have the ability to screenshot with the help of an on-device face picker in the watch. It will be available in full alongside names like “Pacific” and “Ink”. 

    Pixel Watch also offers Wear OS on Google Home that provides lights, thermostats, etc. The screen will show the device name, background color, icon, room, and temperature buttons. It will also offer brightness adjusting options. Google Home is going to be exclusive to Pixel Watch which suggests that this is the first ever wearable from Google. The Personal Safety feature is also alert and advanced.

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