Tesla Bot

Tesla Bot Shocks Everybody With Advanced Prototype

The AI Day event of Tesla in 2022 has taken everyone by surprise since the latest Optimus prototype of the Tesla robot looked very advanced and good. The preview showed Tesla Bot making heart shapes with the hands during their announcing event. Earlier to this event, this Tesla Bot program had been strictly confidential and kept secret for more than a year. 

The Bot Optimus prototype has been created in humanoid form and almost has similar dimensions to a human. The small time during development has produced unimaginable and advanced robot prototypes

Unimaginable Tesla Bot Features

The Bot shows abilities to walk, wave, and do a limited dance during the event. Tesla also shows a video containing a clip where Tesla Bot receives and delivers a box to its assigned desk. Additionally, it can pick up metal bars and other objects along with watering plants. 

Tesla has already started working on another more advanced and refined appearing Optimus robot that has more flexibility and control over the fingers. However, it is a work in progress. Tesla stated that Tesla Bot will be priced at less than $20,000. 

Surprises From Tesla 

Tesla Bot was started only 1 year ago and it managed to achieve amazing results despite being a company that manufactures cars. Elon Musk repeatedly stated that their robotics program is more advanced than any other company. 

Boston Atlas Dynamics robot is also advanced yet that was developed over several years and is not similar to Optimus. Tesla Bot’s design is inspired by biological humans which is evident from the fingers and knees. 

Most people expected Tesla to fail on AI Day but they showcased a serious team of robotics. Although they did accept the journey is long and this is simply a work in progress. They have promised to deliver a human-like robot very soon.