Premium Subscribers Of X Can Now Hide Likes

X, the social media platform that used to go by the name of Twitter, has added a few fresh features during the past week. However, not all users of X. Only the premium subscribers can avail of the features. The subscription service costs 8$ per month and was previously known as Twitter Blue.

The New Features For X’s Special Users

The first feature for the premium subscribers of X is the ability to not let other users see their liked posts. The tab for likes is usually located on the profile of the user. Now, premium subscribers will have the option to hide this tab. As such, those who are visiting the profile of a user will not be able to view the user’s liked post feed.

The platform advertised it as the ability to keep “spicy” likes to yourself. The option for hiding likes can be accessed by pressing the Premium button. Then go to Preferences and Early Access. This will let you arrive at the tab for Profile Customization. Here, you can find a tick box, ticking which will hide your tab for likes for any visitors.

The reasoning is that likes are not displayed on the feed of a user to those following them, unlike reposts or retweets. As such, apparently, users over the past have liked posts while being unaware that other X users can view their likes. In the past, this has resulted in complicated situations where politicians have been found liking tweets of a pornographic nature. Elon Musk, the owner of the platform, has also been found liking posts that are explicitly racist.

However, the new feature has been downplayed by Musk. Instead, he has encouraged users to not use the option. He suggests users use the bookmarks option to save posts privately instead of pressing the like button.