Project Caviar Endorses New Royalty-Free AV Codecs Of Google

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    Google has come up with an idea to give tough competition to the latest and most popular content of video and audio under the control of Dolby. They have named this brand new plan, “Project Caviar”. At the time of their presentation which took place only with selected top officials of Hardware manufacturers, Project Caviar has been introduced as a way of making an ecosystem that is broader and healthier. This ecosystem will offer premium media services without any royalty. 

    Premium Media System Named Project Caviar

    This Project Caviar has already attained the partnership with the widespread Open Media of Alliance among several of the most significant media and technology companies including Nvidia, Samsung, Netflix, Meta, Microsoft, Apple, and Amazon with Google. This partnership has already ensured an open source of adoption of AV codecs namely AV1 free of royalty. 

    The intimate meeting avoided discussing Dolby but Google apparently targeted Dolby and its proprietary technologies over and over again. Project Caviar is expected to bring forth a free option to the Dolby Atmos, i.e. 3D spatial audio. In addition, their alternative will also compete with Dolby Vision which is Dolby’s own visually color-rich experience that is of HDR standard. 

    Google Gearing For Competition 

    Both Dolby Vision and Atmos basically have garnered a standard status for every premium media user. The price tag of each of the products comprises individual fees that will provide high-dynamic color vision along with the surround sound of the next gen. 

    Project Caviar will definitely do price cuts and gather hardware manufacturers’ support. Google already has the advantage of owning the video streaming app of YouTube that brings forth large hardware support. Unlike codec wars and AV1 of yesteryears, Google will adopt existing codecs to bring a larger market for Project Caviar.

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