Sony PS4 Offering Apple TV+ Subscription For 3 Months At No Cost

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    Sony has announced that new and existing PS4 customers will now have access to a free Apple TV Plus membership for a limited time. The offer will only be available to individuals who are not currently subscribed to Apple TV Plus or who were previously subscribed to the service — thus limiting the promotional program to new Apple TV Plus users. Apart from this stipulation, any Sony PS4 owner can take advantage of the promotion.

    How to Get Apple TV+ At No Cost With A Sony PS4 Deal

    It’s crucial to remember that the Apple TV Plus free membership is only available for a limited time to all Sony PS4 customers. As a consequence, customers who take advantage of the deal will be able to use the service for three months.

    Users will need both their Network ID and their PlayStation Store login credentials to use the service. Users may search for and download the Apple TV Plus app from the store on their consoles. After downloading the app, users must sign in with their current Apple ID or establish a new one if they do not already have one.

    Users will have to login into their personal Apple IDs after the ID is received. The user’s Apple ID will then be connected to their PlayStation Network ID, and the two IDs will be linked. The promotional offer will subsequently be displayed on-screen to users. The terms and conditions must be accepted.

    Users will be required to add the information of a credit card on file after they have been accepted. This is a required step for Apple, although it will not deduct any fees for the time being. The three-month free membership term will begin after card information is entered. If consumers decide not to continue their paid Apple TV+ membership later, they must manually erase their credit card information before the three-month term finishes.

    This deal was originally available on PS5, and it is still available now. Both will remain in effect until July 22, 2022.

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