Gaming Company Razer To Bring High-Tech N95 Masks To The Market

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    Razer, a popular gaming gear manufacturing company, announced this week that they will be giving life to their new concept, a high-tech N95 mask.

    Despite the rollout of Covid-19 vaccines all around the world, Razer believes that we are not getting rid of this safety gear anytime soon. The company’s CEO said that we are going to carry the mask into the future.

    At the annual CES show earlier this year, Razer brought to light Project Hazel where they exhibited their concept N95 facial respirator. It has only been a few weeks since the Covid-19 vaccines have been approved for global usage. But while thinking about a post-pandemic world, Razer has equipped itself with high-tech protective gear.

    The gaming company’s CEO, Min-Liang Tan revealed during a press interview earlier this week that Project Hazel is going to become reality. He further added that their concept project has validity and relevance. He believes that such a mask will be a part of the world despite the coming of the vaccines. “We are going to proceed in making it a reality and ship the smart mask,” Liang Tan mentioned.

    Razer’s N95 Mask’s Production Dates Unknown

    Talking about the post-vaccinated world, Razer’s CEO said that vaccines are not an end in itself. Trusted health departments and organizations are still talking about the need to be extra cautious even after being vaccinated. He also said that there are several strands of the virus and newer strains are taking shape every day. In such a situation, it will take time before we go back to a mask-free world. Moreover, the new Razor N95 respirator will also be efficient in several other ways.

    This smart mask is supposed to be transparent with internal LED lights so that your mouth is visible even in low light. The high-tech respirator will also feature rechargeable ventilators and replaceable filters on its respiration pods. However, there is still no news on when this mask will go into production.

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