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Review Of The OnePlus 12: A Strong Leader With One Serious Shortcoming

The OnePlus 12 has powerful technology, from its exquisite screen to its turbocharged processor. During my testing, I discovered that it charged quickly and had an excellent battery life. This phone puts a lot of effort into living up to its flagship status. However, it must, given that its $800 initial cost (with 256GB of storage and 12GB of RAM) puts it above the version from the previous year. The more expensive model I evaluated, with 16GB of RAM and 512GB of storage, costs a mere $900. Raising the cost of its devices is a dangerous move for OnePlus in a period when consumers’ budgets are still limited and rivals are fiercely competitive. 

What Is The OnePlus 12 Situation Like In The UK?

The situation is worse in the United Kingdom, where the most expensive model costs £999, which is £150 higher than the OnePlus 11 when fully loaded. The $900 listed price of the device converts directly to around £707 at the moment of this writing, which is almost £850 with tax. This phone offers a different bargain for UK consumers because it is a £150 premium. 

It still beats Google’s Pixel’s latest version, its main competitor in the US, which begins at $999 and has 128GB of space and 8GB of RAM. Based on my tests, the OnePlus 12 outperforms the Pixel in some aspects, including faster processing speed and longer battery life. 

The OnePlus 12’s appearance is mostly similar to that of the OnePlus 11. It has a shiny aluminum frame and a nearly similar spherical camera unit set into a curved glass rear. The newest Qualcomm Snapdragon 3 CPU powers the OnePlus 12, which is supported by either 12GB or 16GB of RAM (as reviewed). With a display size of 6.82 inches, the OnePlus 12 offers ample space for watching films and playing mobile games, and its high quality ensures that all material is incredibly crisp. Additionally, the colors are incredibly vivid, perfectly capturing the dazzling hues of any Netflix series or neon-themed mobile game you might desire.