Samsung Pay Is Nothing Without MST

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    Samsung Pay has technically no use without MST’s support. For more than the past year, almost a majority of the most compelling features of the payment app from the tech giant. The only safe reason to still consume the service was MST features. And the South Korean firm managed to strip the feature of that as well. MST allowed the devices by Samsung to create magnetic waves similar to that of a debit/credit card. It helped users to use it to make direct payments. 

    But the latest siblings in the Galaxy series that came out earlier this year was without the MST. That has made Samsung Pay unusable bloat in the mobile device. The application now has almost no use, merely floating in the device, eating up storage and infested by several advertisements. It does not even par up to Google Pay’s services and application. Subscribers who have used the service for a while may put their finger on memory when the South Korean tech-giant had provided a rewards program as well. It offered gift cards, purchases, or even tiny amounts of money to be credited directly to the account, as well as several offers on brands. 

    Samsung Pay Is A Limp Application

    By the closing of last year, the rewards feature was removed from Samsung Pay as well. Hence, it was left almost pale. With this benefit gone, which also helped it earn from it, the app is left with providing these offers with purchases or referrals. With the MST now unavailable, the app has lost its soul and holds no lasting benefits. One good feature left behind, perhaps for good measures, is Samsung Money. 

    Samsung Pay still offers employee and student discounts. 

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