Samsung Released Food, An AI-powered App For Recipes

Your dinnertime arrangements may someday be made by artificial intelligence. Samsung unveiled their AI-powered app titled Food, which would employ the technology to provide customers with customized meal suggestions and recipe suggestions. According to a statement released by Samsung, the app has 160K recipes and has been released in 104 countries and eight different languages. The app’s objectives appear as high as its name, simply Food. According to the business, the aim behind the app is to offer one that serves “as a customized assistant that assists customers in finding new meals, making custom meals, and placing online orders for goods.”

The app would also assist customers in controlling their utensils and appliances and offer cooking instructions at every step because Samsung produces a variety of kitchen machines.

Food Focuses On One’s Love For Cooking And Meal Prepping 

In a statement, Chanwoo Park, executive vice president of Samsung, said that they love to eat and prepare meals together. He further added that their food and its preparation is a very important part of their lives. “Users may manage Samsung’s app highly tailored, all-in-one meal experience directly from their palms thanks to the company’s cutting-edge AI capabilities. through the Samsung ecosystem’s integration of smart appliances and smartphones, which helps consumers from their shopping to their dinner plate,” according to the company.

According to the recipe selected by users, the app may, for example, start timers, heat ovens, and even alter cooking settings. The Food app appears to have some utility at first glance. It could, in principle, use the things available easily and provide a recipe if you’re not feeling very inventive. After all, the Samsung app is based on the well-known food-organizing software Whisk, which the business bought in 2019. The app Food could, in principle, learn your tastes and adapt shopping lists as well as recipes to suit your requirements if an AI component were introduced.