Signal Is Gaining More Popularity As It Offers A Secure Messaging Platform

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    Signal, the messaging application has been gaining immensely in popularity. This mainly because the users have been looking for an alternative to the prevalent social media platforms.

    This was urged by the recent riot that took place at the US Capitol building in Washington D.C. Five people including a police officer died in the incident and prompted a nationwide outrage over the social networks that led to the attack.

    Outrage Over Capitol Riot Brings More Users to Signal

    Signal Messenger has been developed by a Swedish-based company. It has spiked over Apple App Store along with reaching above Google Play Store. It has been quite surprising that they gained more popularity as compared to Facebook and Twitter.

    The platform is a very secure application for messaging that is quite similar in nature to WhatsApp and iMessage of Apple.

    This app enables the users to send messages, photos, videos, and audio messages that have ‘end to end’ encryption. It is just like any other messaging app. The signal is a very advanced privacy-retaining technology that primarily focuses on the protected sharing between the users.

    Commendably, the messages are scrambled soon after it is forwarded which disallows Signal and anyone else to read this message. Except for the recipient, nobody else can read the unscrambled text. Nonetheless, the encryption for messages is limited.

    Additionally, this app does not store the data of the users. All the messaging history goes into the local device and is stored there.

    Signal had earlier been downloaded over thirty-two million times since June 2020. However, due to the recent spike, the numbers have undoubtedly propelled to amazing heights.

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