D-Link USB Adapter

D-Link USB Adapter Enables Wi-Fi 6 On Your Laptop

D-Link has been making great efforts to provide an upgraded experience to its consumers. For this, they have come up with a brand new D-Link USB Adapter.

They have made this public announcement that is already being considered as one of the first-ever in this industry. Users need to plug the D-Link USB Adapter into their laptop or computer in order to acquire an advanced performance as compared to their previous Wi-Fi chip. Also, this adapter will be providing a speed of about 1,200Mbps.

Advanced Experience Offered By D-Link USB Adapter

The target audience of this brand new D-Link USB Adapter is still unknown and uncertain. Users need to connect the adapter to the Wi-Fi 6 router in order to gain accurate benefits. Most people still have not purchased the adapter.

Understandably, Wi-Fi 6 has been rolled out about 2 years ago. However, if a particular desktop or laptop enables Wi-Fi 5, the adapter will be compatible with it.

On the other hand, Wi-Fi 6 lacks several benefits. Any device that supports Wi-Fi 6 will be able to communicate through routers in a more efficient manner. This is going to result in an improved performance in all the networks.

D-Link USB Adapter is going to be available during the 2nd quarter of this new year of 2021. The price will be $100.

D-Link has also announced 2 brand new mesh routers of Wi-Fi 6 and both of them look like tiny air purifiers. Due to the CES 2021, several routers are being presently announced during this week. So far, Netgear and T-Link have announced their high-end routers that include new tech.