Sony Has Been Planning On Adding Ads To Their PlayStation Games

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    According to recent news, Sony has been working round the clock to bring advertisements to free-to-play PlayStation games– as reported by Insider. The advertisements would be cropping up in games and are simply meant to provide the developers of games with a way to monetize their work- all the while encouraging them to keep up with their free-to-play games.

    The in-game ads will also be expected to get launched by the end of the year- and would thereby come up in inconspicuous places throughout the game- just like billboards. Players will also be receiving their rewards for watching advertisements, and the ads would then be sold through an independent marketplace. Sources informed Insider that Sony hadn’t yet decided if they would be taking a portion of the ad revenue or not.

    Sony Could Introduce Ads In Its Games

    The recent development from Sony does follow the news of last week where Microsoft was also thinking about doing the same thing with their free-to-play Xbox games- as reported by Insider. Ads in most of the free-to-play Xbox games would be rolling out in the latter half of the year, and the company has no plans of taking a cut from the ad revenue- as reported by Insider.

    As mentioned in the report from Insider, most advertisers may need to go through some convincing in order to get in with the program. Ads that usually appear next to violent or mature content could possibly be a concern- and tracking what users do while seeing an ad in the game could also be difficult.

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