Apple MagSafe Battery Pack Can Charge iPhones Faster Now

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    Everyone’s favorite kind of upgrade is the one that unlocks secret hardware features and the Apple MagSafe Battery Pack is the newest surprise.

    Once you apply firmware update 2.7, you’ll be able to cordlessly charge an iPhone at a faster 7.5W instead of the original 5W, via a report from 9to5Mac.

    You can wait for an update over the air or plug a Lightning-to-USB cable from the pack to a connected Mac or iPad to get the fix, and then you’re off to the races, as they say.

    The Previous MagSafe Was Not All That Good

    To be completely honest, this update should not be installed right away. You should wait patiently for the reviews done by Apple or other reviewers about how it affects the battery or how warm it gets.

    The Mini-MagSafe combination feels uncomfortably warm without a case but with a case, the MagSafe Battery Pack felt too loose and tended to slide around while the person was holding it.

    It has become a hard time, to imagine how the MagSafe Battery Pack packs more juice.

    In the review of the MagSafe Battery Pack, Dieter Bohn pointed out that the 5W charging speed was meant to minimize heat and preserve the battery’s longevity.

    Now, perhaps Apple has made other tweaks as well that will negate the heat issue — the company might have changed the frequency and duration of the charge. Perhaps if it charges at 7.5W for short periods, it’ll need to charge less often, and it might even be less annoying for those of us carrying it around all day.

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