Sony HT-A3000

Sony HT-A3000 Review

When the Sony HT-A3000 soundbar first arrived at the Test Center, it immediately won over everyone there. We watched our few films with the music flowing out of this wonderful bar. The SA-RS3S rear speakers and the SA-SW3 subwoofer were included in the shipment that we received. Just so you know, the soundbar itself, the rear speakers, and the subwoofer were all connected to the soundbar wirelessly. All of it together gave us a fantastic content-viewing experience.

You are in luck with this one if you are particular about the appearance of the products you purchase. The black plastic body of the Sony HT-A3000 contains a subdued Sony logo, a few buttons, and a few tweeters. Sony HT-A3000 is complimented with a metallic front grill in the same color. After talking about the controls, we’d want to point out that the soundbar’s accompanying remote was feature-rich and met all of our needs. 

Sony HT-A3000 Is An Impressive Upgrade

The subwoofer received had a plush fabric covering up front and a body finish that gave off the impression of being made of leather. The back channel speakers had the same finish as the bar and appeared to have been cut from the same piece of furniture. 

The overall arrangement was reasonable in terms of weight and mobility as well. The bar was light enough to be moved about easily yet had a great weight to it. All of the wireless connections between components were easily paired, and after turning on, everything linked to one another as if we were putting the parts of a Lego model together. Turning everything on would have been enough to make the miracle happen. There were a few button presses here and there after restarts, but we would not be concerned about it. The mapping procedure carried out by the bar for the 360-degree Spatial Audio experience went without a hitch.