Streamer And Political Commentator Destiny Banned From Twitch

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    Twitch streamer Destiny has been banned again from the site on March 23. Though no official explanation was forthcoming for the sudden suspension of the streamer, it has given rise to multiple speculations about the possible cause.

    The 33-year-old is among the most provocative of the streamers on the streaming service. This is the streamer’s 6th ban in a span of just 4 years. And it has proved time and again that he is not one to shy away from courting controversy on the internet.

    Fans speculated about the reasons he could be facing a ban again. But with Destiny and Twitch both yet to come up with an official explanation on this matter, the speculations will keep coming in thick and fast.

    Fans Attribute Reasons Behind Ban On Destiny

    Fans attribute Destiny’s ban to the debate he had on March 20 with Nick Fuentes, a far-right radical figure. The debate was streamed initially both on Twitch and YouTube. However, after 10 minutes into the debate, the streamer switched exclusively to YouTube after just 10 minutes into the telecast.

    Political discourses are allowed on Twitch and are not against its rules. But streaming live with a person barred is definitely inviting a ban. Fuentes is barred from multiple platforms including Twitter, Twitch, and YouTube.

    There are other reasons behind the Destiny ban. He had also made comments on his alternative Twitter account named The Omni Liberal. In a tweet, Destiny ranted about the issue of trans people and their participation in sports. He had subsequently posted tweets in which he used racial slurs. These slurs were highlighted by multiple users of Reddit. They said that it was a potential reason for the ban on Destiny.

    Till we get an official motive for the ban initiated by Twitch, we will have to patiently wait it out. There is also a possibility that the streamer could be banned permanently. Fans are keenly following the developments.

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