Spotify Releases Covid Protocol 2 Months After Joe Rogan Controversy

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    Spotify has finally delivered on its pledge to bring out a specific COVID-19 advisory for users, which it announced over two months ago.

    When users use the app’s search feature, they will now see a “COVID-19 Guide” category. Podcasts and other information regarding coronavirus that has been approved by authoritative authorities, such as the World Health Organization, are included in this category.

    Podcasts for The Guardian, The Journal, stories about “COVID-19 Heroes,” and more may be found in this area.

    This content alert will connect listeners to the COVID-19 Hub, which will provide them with the necessary information.

    Joe Rogan’s Dispute And The Spotify Covid Guide

    Spotify’s COVID-19 Hub is a “resource that enables quick access to data-driven facts, up-to-date information given by scientists, physicians, professors, and public health authorities throughout the world, as well as connections to reliable sources,” according to the company.

    The audio streaming platform committed to providing this “COVID-19 Guide” in January 2022 after it got embroiled in a dispute after a Joe Rogan podcast that was accused of disseminating disinformation about COVID-19 vaccinations. 270 doctors and scientists signed an open letter to Spotify urging that platform rules be assigned to avoid such occurrences. 

    Several well-known figures, like Neil Young and Joni Mitchell, had protested by removing their CDs from the platform. Following this, Spotify declared that podcasts discussing COVID-19 will be subject to a content advisory. The functionality is now available.

    On Twitter, Spotify CEO Daniel Ek revealed the efforts the company is doing to avoid any COVID-19-related disinformation on the site.

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