The Bendy Phone By Motorola May Be The Actual Future

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    Once you see the latest prototype bendy phone by Motorola, you will have to admit that it may been a childhood desire to have a gadget like that. It might also have been an adult desire because having to clutch our phones all day is pretty tiring. Enter the latest concept for a foldable phone courtesy of Motorola’s parent company Lenovo. The phone essentially wraps around your wrist, just like a watch does.

    The Bendy Phone Prototype – The True Wrist Gadget

    Of course, it is only in the concept stage, with no set dates on where it might arrive, or even if it will ever be developed. However, the bendy phone stands as a sign of Lenovo’s commitment to continue its experiments with screens that are foldable. For example, it created the world’s first PC that was foldable – the ThinkPad X1 Fold. Regardless, here is all the information currently available about the phone.

    The bendy phone from Motorola can bend into multiple postures. This includes a mode that looks like a tent that may remind of the Galaxy Z Flip series from Samsung. This position will let the user use the phone in its compact version while having access to a display spanning 4.6 inches. Just like the Galaxy Z Flip series, tent mode can also be used to capture pictures without using hands.

    Furthermore, as talked about at the beginning of the article, users can also wrap the bendy phone around their wrist. This means they can access emails, photos, texts, apps, and more on the phone without ever having to use one of your hands to hold it in place.

    All these may make you think about how the gadget actually works. Lenovo explained that the concept involves a display called “full HD+ pOLED”. In simpler terms, Lenovo wants to use a plastic OLED screen housing 2220 x 1080 pixels. Plastic means that it will have much more flexibility than the normal OLED screens made out of glass.

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