apple tv 4k

The Latest Apple TV 4K Has An Upgraded Siri Remote

A new Apple TV 4K was announced recently. It will also include the latest version of the Siri Remote. The unveiling was part of Apple’s Spring Loaded event that took place on 20th April.

Updates For The New Apple TV 4K

On top of the Siri support that exists, the new aluminum body remote will feature a click-pad that has been redesigned. It can now support circular gestures through its outer ring. Customers can use this functionality to find the particular scene they are searching for quickly. Moreover, there is no longer a need for any other remotes due to the inclusion of a button for muting and powering the real TV.

The latest Apple TV 4K has an A12 Bionic chipset from Apple powering it. The company states that this will allow the TV to play videos of higher quality, particularly ones with a high HDR frame rate as well as Dolby Vision running at 60 fps.

Of course, the actual TV will be an important factor in the final picture quality being displayed. However, Apple addressed the situation by announcing another new feature. This feature is, moreover, not exclusive to those who buy the latest device. Any owner of Apple TV can improve their TV’s color balance by using their iPhone’s light sensor. The sensor can now measure the current balance before using that to adjust the Apple TV’s output accordingly.

Apple’s latest TV 4K shall start from 32 GB for the price of $179. The price will increase to $199 for the 64 GB variant. The device can be preordered from 30th April with it hitting the market fully in the latter part of May. Customers can also choose to buy Apple’s TV HD along with the latest Siri Remote at the price of $149. The remote by itself will cost $59.