Titan Comics Teases Blade Runner 2039’s New Chapter

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    Titan Comics will release the much-awaited chapter of Blade Runner 2039. Blade Runner 2039 is the third and final chapter in the series portraying the Blade Runner known as Aahna “Ash” Ashina, and Collider has the exclusive of sharing the four cover variations for the first issue. The plot takes place between the events of the first and second Blade Runner films and features the original cast.

    “Blade Runner” TheTitan Comics’ Blade Runner 2019 series is where Ash first appeared in 2019. In 2020, the sequel Blade Runner 2039 was released. The first film, directed by Scott Ridley and set in 2019, and the second, directed by Denis Villeneuve and set in 2049, explore how the world has evolved through Ash’s eyes in those intervening years. 

    Titan Comics Rejoins Hardcore Sci-Fi Genre 

    As Ash takes on Niander Wallace’s creation, the First Angel Replicant Luv, Blade Runner 2039 delves more into the Replicants’ history. The character of Luv, portrayed by Sylvia Hoeks, debuted in Blade Runner 2049. Preview issues of Titan Comics’ next Kamen Rider series are now available. Kamen Rider Zero One is an original series based on the Tokusatsu TV series Kamen Rider Zero One, created by writer Brandon Easton (Transformers, Superman, Mister Miracle) and illustrator Hendry Prasetya (Power Rangers, Aquaman).

    In the United States, you may watch the show on Shout! Factory right now. Kamen Rider contains a cast of characters that, in order to fight, must first change into their transforming forms utilizing belts and other equipment. Earlier this year, during Anime Expo at the Los Angeles Convention Center, the Kamen Rider Zero-One series was unveiled.

    Kamen Rider Zero-One #1’s teaser pages introduce Ragnarok, the series’ newest antagonist, who squares off against the insect-like hero Aruto Hiden and his sidekick Izu. Cover artists Inhyuk Lee, Derrick Chew, and Nahuel Grego all contributed to the first issue, which also has a glow-in-the-dark version and a picture cover.

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