Warzone Sees Massive Nuclear Blast Destroy Verdansk In Latest Event

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    The Verdansk Map of CoD: Warzone has ceased to exist in the game, currently. The destruction happened in the finale event of season 2 of the game. This is set to directly lead into the next season.

    What Next In Warzone?

    The whole map was wiped out by a huge nuclear missile strike inside the Warzone. However, the event could not be seen by everyone as many players complained of the game crashing.

    The Warzone event included the nuclear launch along with its very own specialized playlist named “Destruction of Verdansk, Part 1”. The event was just as spectacular as it was made out to be. The event began in the same way as any normal match in the game. However, the zones of infection that have appeared across the map in the last few days slowly began growing until the whole map was taken over.

    Furthermore, when players were killed or died, they returned to life as zombies. This led to the match almost completely consisting of zombies near the end. Just before the map became entirely overrun, a radio warning was heard that advised evacuating Verdansk – a nuclear missile has been launched.

    However, apparently, the warning was too late and the nuclear warhead took only seconds to reach Verdansk and exploded. Following that, the match ended with players returning to the title screen.

    Sadly, the mode recorded far too high numbers of players for Warzone servers. And for most, the mode required several attempts to reach the conclusion as crashes plagued the matches, ending them early. Fortunately, Raven has already released an update to fix the crashing issues.

    For now, users can only re-enter the Destruction mode. It is possibly going to be removed, however, after 5 PM EDT. After that, we will possibly get the first glimpse at what the future of the story in Warzone will be.

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