Disney Plus, Hulu Will Feature Spider-Man Among Many Others After Latest Deal

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    Sony Pictures and Disney have agreed to an agreement for content licensing spanning multiple years. This means that theatrical releases from Sony, beginning with the films in 2022, to platforms owned by Disney like Disney Plus and Hulu.

    Disney Plus Will Host Much More

    The deal will also include several of Sony’s previous films’ rights, like the Spider-man films. Disney Plus notably does not have any of the web-slinger’s movies in its Marvel films collection. Through the deal, these titles can be hosted on the streaming platform.

    The deal involves future theatrical releases by Sony between 2022 and 2026. Disney will have access to the titles after the “pay 1 TV window.” The window follows the home video and theatrical runs of a film. Beginning from 2022, Netflix will be owning it after a deal was made earlier in April. It means that Sony films shall first be shown in theatres, then be available as purchases and paid rentals, after that they can be seen on Netflix. After that, the title can be hosted on Disney-owned platforms, like Disney Plus.

    As such, Disney will not have the latest Spider-Man titles right as they finish showing in the theatres. However, they will have the right to feature them as part of their streaming catalog, in the long run. Disney, arguably, thinks of this prospect as much more valuable.

    Providing people access to another group of films in the ever-increasing list of properties owned by Marvel could potentially be a massive reason for even more subscribers to join Disney Plus. The firm is continuing its efforts to collate the various Marvel shows and films and place them in an easily accessible group, side-by-side. As such, viewers will possibly keep watching MCU and its next installment. Disney also continues its heavy investment in the MCU and promises to feature even more big names.

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