WhatsApp Communities Launched: Expected To Enhance Group Experience

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    WhatsApp has announced the introduction of a fresh feature named Communities that is expected to help its users have several groups under a single roof. This announcement was made a few months after this feature was noticed on the Internet.

    WhatsApp Communities will empower admins of the group with novel tools such as sending out a particular message to all. It will also enable them to control which group can be added to one particular Community.

    WhatsApp has also listed several updates. You now have an increased limit for file sharing and reaction. You can also enable audio calls within a group of 32 simultaneously.

    Admins Will Have The Option Of Bring Multiple Groups Under One Whatsapp Community

    WhatsApp has been testing these communities’ features for the last several months. Users can now have separate and individual groups under a head group to receive and send updates on one screen. They will not have to scroll through multiple chats. This is helpful in the case of clubs, schools, and non-profits that have to deal with multiple groups within one community.

    Community users will now see all groups that are members of it and know about their descriptions. However, access to details of other members of the group, such as their phone numbers, may be restricted. But users of the same group can see one another’s numbers. The Admins of a Community have access to all the numbers of the groups.

    One group of a WhatsApp Community will not have access to the conversation in another group. Communities will be helpful for school principals to bring the whole school under one umbrella and share specific information depending on the group. Separate groups can be set up for extracurricular activities, specific classes, and volunteer needs.

    One important aspect of the Community feature is that small groups can be formed, with specific groups for important messages. This would be different from family groups where only random messages like birthday wishes are shared.

    Present group features like reporting abuse, blocking accounts, and the option to exit will be present in the Communities feature. The privacy offered by WhatsApp will give end-to-end encryption will continue.

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