Zoom Introduces Quirky Facial Effects In Video Calls

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    Zoom recently added some funny facial effects that users can apply during their video calls. Zoom has been one of the most downloaded apps, especially during the pandemic. As the need for video conferences for various purposes ranging from school studies to business meetings increased, it became a favorable app for users. With the rising popularity, the app moderators are adding several interesting features and effects to add more fun to video calling experiences.

    ‘Studio Effects’ In Zoom

    The new facial effects in the video calling app are named ‘Studio Effects’. It allows a user to apply a variety of effects like colorful eyebrows, lip color, facial hair, etc on their video images. Zoom announced this new feature back in September 2020. But it has become available for users recently.

    To enable the Studio Effects, one just needs to follow some simple directions. After starting a video session on the application, one needs to click on the arrow beside the option to stop the video. The ‘Stop Video’ option appears at the bottom of the screen. Here one has to click on “Background and Filters”. The Studio Effect (Beta) will appear among the given filters. If it does not appear on its own, the user has to download the package for the effects. After that, the new effects will appear in the lower right corner.

    The Studio Effects comes with multiple funny effects to sweep away boredom from your video calls. The effects include vibrant colored lips, funny beard styles, and weird colorful eyebrows. One can set the effects for all the video calls too!

    While the new Zoom effects are becoming quite popular among the users, people are looking forward to more interesting effects to add up the fun.

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