6th Birthday of Google Fi Offer Fresh Unlimited Plan

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    The cell network of Google is named Google Fi and it will be celebrating its 6th birthday on 23rd April. In order to make the celebrations grand, the team of Google has launched a brand new affordable plan that is called ‘Simply Unlimited’.

    This new unlimited pricing plan will start from $60 each month for one line only. In addition, 3 or more lines will cost $30 for each. This new plan also included unlimited calls and messages across the United States of America along with unlimited data and messages all over the US, Mexico, and Canada.

    New Birthday Plans For Google Fi

    When Google Fi was first introduced, they had promised to offer the users one single and affordable payment plan. They had mentioned that there will a fixed price on a monthly basis for the basic calling service. There would also be an additional $10 for 1 GB data that would be used during the billing cycle that had a cap of $80 every month.

    However, Google Fi changed this original plan into an unlimited one in 2019. This unlimited plan offers 1 line for $70 each month with good discounts for extra lines.

    Recently launched Simply Unlimited is basically a simplified version of the previously Unlimited plan offered by Google Fi and is now renamed as Unlimited Plus. This plan comprises additional features at a little less price.

    It allows international data across over 200 places along with high-speed hotspot tethering. The storage cloud on Google One will also provide an extra 100 GB. A flexible plan also offers a monthly $20 base fee for calls and texts in a single line with $10 for 1 GB of data.

    Overall this new 6th birthday plan seems favorable and affordable, especially for international data.

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