Spotify Is Coming Out With Podcast Subscriptions!

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    Spotify is releasing podcast subscription options on its platform. However, the company won’t be taking a portion of the subscription fees from content creators like Apple. Spotify is shooting to be the top podcast distributor in the world. It is even losing out on revenue for beating Apple’s pace into the subscription of podcasts. Next week, the company is launching its option for podcast subscriptions for its partners.  

    Spotify Aims Of Becoming The Top Podcast Distributor Of The World!

    According to Wall Street’s report and confirmation from various sources, the company won’t be taking cuts from the subscription revenue. Under the company’s program of next month, Apple will be keeping around 30% of the entire subscription fees. This is the fresh plan. Most platforms that host new content like Patreon, Facebook, Twitch, and YouTube take some percentage of the podcast subscription fees.

    Presently, the platform prevents its customers from making payments for subscriptions that take place through the in-app purchases of Apple. The company has also criticized the store policies of the Apple app. The company has also lodged one formal complaint against Apple for anti-competitive behavior with the EU. Similarly, one wouldn’t be able to buy podcast subscriptions of Spotify through Google Play Or Apple. 

    During the event called “Stream On” in February, Spotify declared that they will be testing the paid subscriptions and the money for podcasters that will enable them to provide exclusive and better content materials to subscribers. But the mechanism in which this plan will pan out hasn’t been detailed yet.

    Along with the subscription rollout of the company’s podcasts, Facebook is launching a project known as “Project Boombox” which is an integrated and modified audio player version of Spotify. It will start next week and will be providing access to podcasts and songs directly inside the app of Facebook. 

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