Air 2S, From DJI, Has Incredible Range And A Stunning Camera

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    DJI has recently launched an update for its Air 2S, which is among the company’s most successful drones. Reviews have been mostly positive for the update to the product that was already a fan favorite.

    The Latest Additions To The Air 2S

    The new Air 2S, which costs $999, comes with impressive object sensing/tracking technology, image sensor, and range. The latest Air 2S has three main upgrades from the previous Air 2. The drone now has an image sensor measuring one inch which is an increase of half-inch. It also features more technology for sensing objects that makes it safer for flying around obstacles, wires, and trees.

    For most users, the improvement in the range will be the update that catches their eye the most. It was already impressive and the Air 2S improves on that further. The drone can fly, and stream in HD at the same time, twice the distance of the original. As such, the range approximately crosses a mile. Usually, newer models feature slight increments in the range while this one comes with a massive one, the difference is never before seen.

    DJI’s Air 2S also has an updated system when it comes to transmitting videos. It is named OcuSync O3. There are now four antennas for transmitting video, twice as much as the original. However, it is impossible to notice the additional antennas from the outside.

    The model also comes with more flight modes for automatically capturing images. DJI claims that the latest MasterShots mode enables the drone to capture pro-level images by planning a flight path autonomously. FocusTrack tracks a specified object and keeps its focus on the person or object.

    It also has a better camera.  The image sensor measures one inch and supports 20 MP. It can capture 4K videos at 60 frames per second and 5.4K videos with an fps of 30 at 150mbps.   

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