Apple AirTag Now Available For $24

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    While the four-pack of AirTags has been on sale for a while, we have not seen a single Tag on sale in a long time.

    Now, Amazon has brought back the all-time low price on a single AirTag, so you can get one for just $24. That is a $5 discount off the regular price, which may not seem like much, but it is a good offer on an already low-cost accessory. If you are not aware of AirTags, they are a way for iPhone owners to track their belongings from inside the Find My app. They link with iPhones as soon as you take it out of the package, and you can then name anything the tracker is attached to, such as your keys, wallet, or bag, much like AirPods.

    AirTag For $24 Online

    When opposed to competitor trackers like Tile’s, one of the biggest drawbacks of AirTags is the lack of built-in keyring holes on Apple’s gadgets. If you wish to connect it to your keys, you will need to purchase a case or holder.

    After a brief setup, you will be able to use the Find My app to find your belongings anytime you need to. If you are close by, AirTags can also emit a chime, which should make it easier to locate your misplaced items. If you have one of the most recent iPhones, the Precision Finding function may guide you to find your belongings using on-screen directions.  

    These Bluetooth trackers may not be as important as your cellphone or even a smartwatch that you have gotten connected to, but they will come in useful if you misplace something important.

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