AMD Partners Unveil New AM5 Motherboards

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    Overnight, AMD asked its motherboard partners to present their high-end AM5 motherboards in a public webinar.

    We got a close look at a lot of high-end boards and learned about their specifications and distinguishing characteristics. Each motherboard manufacturer was asked by AMD to bring a representative to discuss their premium X670E motherboards. Future AMD Ryzen 7000 series CPUs built on the Zen 4 architecture are supported by these motherboards. The new LGA1718 socket, which is a fundamental upgrade over the PGA AM4 socket, is a feature of AM5 motherboards. Instead of being on the CPU, the pins are now on the motherboard.

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    AM5 supports compatibility for PCI Express 5.0. The majority will include four dedicated lanes for a PCIe 5.0 SSD in addition to 16 lanes spread across one or two physical 16x slots. Additionally, the AM5 platform supports DDR5 memory and has improved power delivery specifications. It also supports AM4 CPU cooling, which is a good addition. The vast majority of coolers released in the past five years or more will thus be AM5 compliant.

    The actual CPUs will be on sale in September. As a result, some of the details, like performance, memory, and overclocking capabilities, have not yet been made public, but this motherboard presentation provides us with a much-appreciated idea of what to anticipate from the new platform. The five X670E motherboards that ASRock displayed. The X670E Taichi Carrara, a limited-edition board created to commemorate ASRock’s 20th anniversary, is the company’s flagship. Look for some intriguing mod setups with that one since it has a distinctive marble vibe. Thunderbolt 4 compatibility and a 26-phase VRM are also features of the X670E Taichi.

    Interesting, Asrock will provide a number of less expensive X670E boards. These versions, the Steel Legend, and Pro offer to bring X670E features down to lower price points because they are not often thought of as high-end products.

    Highlights include M.2 cooling with fan compatibility and USB4 rapid charging. High-end PCIe 5.0 drives appear to be going to become a little warm.

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