After Musk Announced That X Would Become A Paid-Only Service, Bluesky Saw Record Signups

Would one agree to pay for being on X, the website that was originally Twitter? It appears that none of the recent Bluesky users are very eager to accomplish this.

The “decentralized” social networking platform Bluesky has had its highest-ever surge of recent users. Earlier that day, Elon Musk created news when he revealed his intention to make all customers of X pay a “small monthly fee” for being a part of the site meeting Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu during a webcast.

Above 42K new members have now become a part of the company as of 2:40 p.m. ET on Tuesday, 19th September, making it the platform’s greatest registration day to date. Bluesky is presently an invite-only service that debuted at the beginning of 2023. At the time this article was published, they had over 1,113,820 active users.

Did Musk’s Recent Plans Give Bluesky An Added Advantage?

The outside site “Bluesky Stats” tracks new signups. According to their tracker’s data from the previous month, Bluesky has had between 10K and 20K new signups every day on average. Even though there are still many hours in the day, they have already twice their typical daily user numbers. It’s hard to say whether Musk’s remarks about charging people to publish on X actually had an impact, but it’s quite likely that they did.

A straight substitute for the website previously referred to as Twitter is this. Former CEO and co-founder of Twitter Jack Dorsey is behind it. (However, it is important to point out that Dorsey isn’t involved in the everyday operations of the alternative. Jay Graber is Bluesky’s CEO.) In fact, prior to Musk buying Twitter, the organization that is now called X even provided funding to them. It gave $13 million for the creation of a brand-new, “decentralized” variant of the platform.