Tinder Select

Users Of Tinder Select May Now Discover Lasting Love For Only $500 Monthly

With the help of Tinder, finding love has become even more straightforward—and outrageously pricey. The dating application revealed on Friday a recent VIP ultra-premium subscription plan that costs only $499 per month (or around $6,000 per year) and lets users literally seek love.

Maybe it’s a little stretch to say “literally look for love,” but the business describes the latest “Tinder Select” membership as the most incredible way to have “unmatched entry to the best of the lot.” 

Find Love Among The Top Users Of Tinder Select For A Small Fee

But not everyone (yet) can enjoy this premier experience. The firm made it clear that, at least initially, “Tinder Select” has been exclusively made accessible to the chosen 1% of Tinder Select’s “most active” participants in Bloomberg’s first story on their announcement. Uncertainty over the platform’s “most active” definition led Mashable to inquire about it. They didn’t immediately react. According to Mark Ryswyk, head product officer of Tinder, a group of avid users who favor more productive and efficient connections.”

Although “Tinder Select” has severely restricted access, a screening procedure is included with the membership, albeit weak. Potential users are required to pass their “5-Point Choice Screen,” which stipulates that profiles contain five interests, four images, a bio of 15 characters, a clear relationship purpose, and photo verification. This application procedure doesn’t do much to prevent bad-faith agents from premium allowance to people in their region, given that Tinder and other dating apps already have a predator problem.

Nevertheless, Match Group Inc., the parent company of Tinder, has been planning this pricey subscription model since 2019. Bloomberg claims that ultimately, “Tinder Select” would be accessible to every user on a “rotation basis.” Users may try Tinder Plus, Platinum, or Gold, which costs $40, $30, or $20 if $500 a month isn’t enough for them. Alternatively, you might attempt meeting individuals the “old-fashioned” way, which is completely scary and also totally free.