Android 13 Preview Highlights How Pixel Phones Could Stream Apps 

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    The January Outline of Google has highlighted plans of spending 2022 trying to make the Chrome OS and the Android 13 experience match Apple. This would include a feature that would mirror a messaging app from one’s Android phone on their Chromebook.

    As reported by 9to5Google, there is some information that has come to light in the recently-released developed preview which provides a clear idea of what the feature would look like. Based on the findings, it appears that Google will essentially be enabling streaming apps to one’s computer. And the feature might end up working on most non-Chrome OS computers. 

    Android 13 Has Some Exciting Features For Pixel

    According to 9to5Google, the Android 13 feature would ensure that the Pixel would be generating an entirely separate virtual display, which would then be streamed to one’s desktop or laptop- rather than simply mirroring the portrait screen of the phone. This second display is where one’s messaging apps will be appearing. This entails that one would have their app opening on their desktop or laptop screen without disrupting any apps running on the main screen on the phone. 

    Incidentally, the new Android 13 won’t just offer features in messaging- one would be able to open any apps that they want on their phone. At the bottom left of the screen, there is a menu button that has been installed which when clicked, reveals the full list of apps that have been installed on one’s phone. With this menu, one would be able to launch any app on their phone, and not just the messaging apps. In effect, one’s entire phone would be accessible through the cross-device streaming of Pixel.

    The article from 9to5Google has some screenshots and videos that do a pretty great job at highlighting what exactly this app from Android 13 was capable of- and one would definitely be gaining some major brownie points if installed.

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