Apex Legends Season 13: Changes In Ranked, Map Updates And More

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    The 13th edition of Apex Legends offers a new legend, a reworked map, and major overhauls in the ranking system.

    Apex Legends, the battle royale shooter set in the Titanfall universe, just launched season 13 on Tuesday. Titled Saviors, the season introduces a new hero and substantial changes to the ranked system. 

    The launch of Saviors follows Apex’s third-anniversary celebration, which kicked off in February. Alongside a new battle pass, players get a heap of fresh content as well as myriad balance tweaks to weapons and other items. 

    Apex Legends: Major Changes

    Season 13 began on May 10 on all platforms and will last for 3 months.

    It introduces the Legend Newcastle, a defensive specialist and brother to Bangalore. If you’ve ever wished you could just build a castle in the middle of the battlefield, Newcastle is your hero. He joins other defensive Legends like Gibraltar and Wattson by providing cover and protection for teammates. 

    Three years after Apex Legends launched, developers at Respawn decided the ranked system needed an overhaul. Apex season 13 majorly reworks the ranked experience, focusing more on team play and better measuring and rewarding skills.

    Many of these changes make it easier to earn ranking points (RP) if your team performs well and you contribute to your team’s kill count. Other changes are aimed at ensuring rankings are an accurate measure of player skill. 

    Season 13 changes up the Storm Point map with a few new additions. The most noticeable will be the washed-up carcass of the Downed Beast, which we saw in the Saviors cinematic last month. You’ll be able to fight around, on top of, and even inside the creature, where you’ll find a high-tier loot zone.

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